Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Morning!

Well it's 6:37 AM, the birds are chirping and the summer morning sun is shinning through my window on to my laptop. I've come to a point in my life where I have realized it's the simple things now that make me happy and appreciate life like the smell of the morning dew upon the tree outside my window. I never knew such little things could make you so happy in this life, even when you could have so little at the same time. I use to dream about having the nicest car and the biggest house, but now I see that beauty is everywhere even in the worst part of town. This early in the morning when it's just me and the birds chirping is when I realize that nature and the Earth has so much to offer. The ugliest part of town even has it's most beautiful moment's. I've decided to create this blog to do my morning reflections and quotes for the day ahead. It's is only by reflecting that we can mold the future and what it has to offer us. I am not sure how many people will read this , but I know that even if one other person gets to experience the glory of morning reflection with me then I will have succeeded. If I am the only one who gets to enjoy it that is still ok with me because that is what I live for. Today my quote to set upon my day with is " do unto others as you would want done unto you". I chose this quote because it epitomizes my journey in life thus far. As a recovering addict I have learned that the world is only what you make it to be. If I put good karma out, then good karma shall return, and with that I bid you farewell for this morning and hope your reflections for the day are as beautiful as mine. <3