Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When the going gets good...

Wow it's been a long time since I have blogged because of how busy my family's life has become... It's 5:46 am and the past few weeks have been amazing for my family. Things have been going so well that I have become slightly weary of all this good fortune. I know that I should just take the good as it comes just like I do the bad, but it's funny how that sometimes it seems easier to comprehend the hard times then it is when good things are happening. I guess that is attributed to my inability to let myself think I deserve all the wonderful things that have been happening lately. I do have to say that it is a wonderful feeling to finally have a sense of security in my life and feel like we are progressing on the path of life exactly how we should be. I had held out for things like this to happen for so long and now that it has I am filled with a unmeasurable amount of hope in my heart for the future. Karma has giving me more then I could ever ask for in my life, so here's to life going exactly the way it suppose to and to the wonderful family and friends who get to enjoy life's joys with you.