Sunday, June 6, 2010

A misty morning.....

Good morning all, it is 5:34 am and this morning I am reflecting on the darkness that is still present. My quote for today is “A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day.” What I get from this quote is that just because a morning starts off looking as though nothing good will come that day this is often untrue. The rouge of the morning can sometimes fool us into thinking that the day ahead will only contain misfortunes. It is thinking like this that makes the prophecy come true if you make it that way. So this morning let's look past the dark thick mist, and although the sun may not come out to play today who is to say it cannot come out to play in our heart. Turn your misty and cloudy day into one full of rays of sunshine and you too will no longer feel the darkness within. I hope everyone has a sunny day in their heart today and finds a way to pass that on to others. I wish you all good fortune in the day ahead of you.