Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rain showers my spirit....

Good morning, it's 6:10 am and this morning the sun is hiding it's vibrant face and has given us the sweet smell of rain. Many times in my life I looked at rain as though it was a omen for the bad day to come, but in my recovery I have learned that just as much as we need the sunshine we also need the rain. My quote for the day ahead this morning is "rain showers my spirit and waters my soul." If you think about it without the rain we would not have all the beauty and splendor that it brings, no more glowing poppy's or luscious roses. Without rain our crops would not grow and we would not be able to enjoy so many splendors that it brings to nature. So even though today I miss the sun already I will take the time to appreciate natures offering of nourishment and the wonderful things that will evolve from it. All too often we associate rainy days with unhappiness, and today I would like to change that. So grab an umbrella and go out and walk and sing in the rain, because if you take a moment to enjoy this one of natures splendors you will have the chance to be exposed to a whole new world you've never encountered.